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chow puppy bacardi
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A little about us here at Sheaka
    My name is Liz Arbuckle and I am the founder here at Sheaka.  My love
for the breed started several years ago when I took a job working for a chow
chow breeder in Jarvis, Ontario Canada. I had never seen a chow chow
before, and I instantly fell in love with the little teddy bears.

    As time went on, I got more involved in different aspects of the kennel and
everything that went along with it.  Showing was one thinkg that I really
started to like.  While working there, I finished or helped point, approximately
13 finished chow chows, and a handful that are still waiting on a few points to
finish their championships. To view come of these chows, please visit my
photos page and click the show photo link.

    What really started the ball rolling was a cute little ball of fluff, that was
later named Bacardi.  She was just one of those puppies that refused to be
overlooked. She was constantly wanting to be the centre of attention. I just
had to have her. She is Champion Chikoo's Diamond in the Ruff,  and the
foundation of Sheaka kennels.  Bacardi was shown in the summer of 2006
and finished at the Oakville show.

    From that point on, I knew that Chows were the dog for me and my
kennel has grown.  We now have a variety of colours and faces.  If you wish
to know anything about any of my dogs, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Our kennel is located in Cayuga, Ontario Canada. Our goal here at Sheaka
is to produce puppies that are first and foremost sound in Mind and then in
Body.  What good is a Gorgeous dog, if no one else can get close enough to
appreciate it?
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