About The Chow
Origin and Purpose
The original purpose of the Chow was to be a working dog. They were used
to do anything from hunting and herding to guarding and pulling sleds. The
chow was also used as a source of meat and for their fur by Mongolian Tribes
In China.
The average chow can range anywhere from 17-21 inches at the shoulder
and weigh anywhere from 45-90 pounds. They come in two different coat types,
rough and smooth. Both coat types are double coated. The outer coat is abundant,
straight and coarse, while the undercoat is soft and woolly. A smooth chow does
not have the ruff around the head and neck, it has no feathering on the legs and tail,
the overall coat length is very short. There are five colours a chow can be,
Red, Black, Blue, Cinnamon/Fawn and Cream.
A chows structure is very square and thick, they are a very sturdy dog.
They are meant to be as tall as they are long. chows have thick bone and are very
There over all look is very powerful elegant and dignified.
The chow is a very family oriented dog. It loves and trusts its family but may be
standoffish to strangers, because of this, chows need to be socialized. They are
a very intelligent breed with a independent personality. A chow does
not need to be constantly entertained, but does love to spend time around its owners.
They have a aura of aloofness, which can be mistaken as a sign of aggression.
Other facts
  • The chow has a very unusual feature which is its black tongue.
  • Because of a chows deep set eyes and wrinkled forehead they have limited
peripheral vision.
  • Chows suffer from the heat due to there structure, and some can suffer from
heat prostration if left out in the summer
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